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What Is Alight Motion App

Alright motion editing app is a motion graphics app that allows you to do video editing, high-standard animation, and motion graphics editing, all on your smartphone.

With over 100 basic effects building blocks, a robust list of visual effects, keyframe animation, grouping and masking, and many more amazing features. The Alight Motion App gives you edited a unique and professional look.

Being the first motion graphics app, Alight Motion has not just set a high standard but has continued to make new inventions in the video editing and motion graphics world.

How To Use Alight Motion App

Get to know the Alight Motion editing app more.


First things first, head straight to your Google play store app (for Android users) or apple store (for iOS users) and download the Alight Motion App. It will take you less than 180 megabytes to download.

Open it once you’ve finished downloading and installing it. It will open to a home page similar to the one in the image below.


Once you have successfully gotten on the home page the next action is to import the image or graphics you want to edit. Click on the plus (+) button, it will take you to a page where you get to choose the resolution type, frame rate, and background color you want for your video. Click the “Create Project” button when you are done with your changes.Select any image or video and carry on. On this page, you can also select a shape, audio, object, element, freehand drawing, vector drawing, and text.


The Alight Motion app has over 100 elements that you can use to make fantastic videos. You can import or download items to personalize. The videos can be simply split, cropped, and edited. How about alight motion sound features? There are audio extractor and audio enhancer tools all at your disposal.

Users have the option to edit any point in a layer when you add the blend mode function to your video. This app’s wide range of colors allows you to add stunning hues to your films or images. A professional color booster tool is also available. There are lots of amazing effects that you can utilize to create beautiful unique videos and graphics.

You can also add slow motion and fast motion effects to your videos. This is one cool effect that is currently popular among video editors and social media content creators. If you like to see only the layer you are working on, Alight motion allows you to hide layers and also make them visible when you need them.

Add Text

You can add text to your videos, and graphics. Alight motion has over 2000 fonts for you to play with however if you have special fonts you did like to use that are not on the list, you can import them. Alight motion allows you to import customize fonts. You can also add colors to your text.

Freehand and Vector Drawing

You can draw amazing shapes using the alight motion freehand drawing tool. There is a color wheel, an adjustable brush, eraser, etc. available to you. The alight motion also supports vector drawing.

freehand and vector drawing

Exporting your work from alight motion is quite easy. You can export files in all of these formats GIFs, MP4, , , and PNG Sequence. These features eliminate almost every possibility of converting your file to the required format after exporting.


The alight motion app also comes with premium features. Although you create just the amazing and unique video you desire, there are still features you can only access when you subscribe for it. You can’t access some new effects and creative sharing features on the free version.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alight Motion App

According to our practical experience above, we can sort out the advantages and disadvantages of this application.


Constant Improvement: with every new version/update, there is always an improvement. This shows that in the nearest future, alight motion will bring lots of innovation to the video editing industry.

Robust Basic Effect Building Blocks: Alight Motion has over 100 effects building blocks giving you a wider range of choices when editing your videos.

How-To-Use Tutorial: Alight Motion video editing app gives you some basic knowledge of how to navigate through the app. This is a feature I consider amazing. It goes a long way for beginners

Multiple Layers of Videos, Audios, and Graphics: with this app, you can share your videos, audio, and graphics into multiple layers for more efficient editing.

Android and IOS Support: you can use this app on android and IOS devices.


Advertisement Pop-Up (Free Version): advertisement may pop up when using the alight motion app free version

Watermark (Free Version): if you are using an alight app free version, your video will have a watermark logo after editing it.

How To Add Motion To Your Video With Alight Motion Alternative

Some video editors prefer using desktop video editors because they can use multiple hard drives on it. High-definition footage requires a large amount of space that a smartphone can’t offer. If a hard drive gets filled, you can change it with little or no interruption to your work.

If you don’t want alight motion and you want to add motion to your videos, you can try its alternative Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a simple, entry-level desktop video editor. It has a lot of editing features that can help you create high-standard videos. You can use a few videos to create a video, edit the video audio, add filters, crop, and trim them all on Filmora.


Alight Motion editing app has lived up to the expectation of being the first motion design app for smartphones, with its amazing and standard features. You can give it a try if you feel it meets your video editing needs.


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