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Alight motion video editor is a great application because it offers best services to their users so while having alight motion in your device you will never need another video editor app . You will get all basic editor tools in this game and it also has many premium tools and features which you can use for your videos . With this app you can add multiple video effects , filters , composition , frames and many other things in videos for editing .

This video editor has very good optimization which makes it fast because this app runs very smoothly on any good smart device . Alight motion is a lightweight application so you don’t need a high end smart device for it . All options and features of this video editor are easy to navigate because of the good user interface which has made this app easy to use . So let’s have a detailed look at the other features of this video editor .

Add Many Layers

This is the finest feature of alight motion because there are many mobile applications which don’t allow you to add multiple layers but now you are free to add many different layers in this app . There is no restriction on this feature so you can add graphics , sounds , video effects and audio layer while editing your video from this app . So you can easily adjust everything in your video while using multiple layers because everything is editable .

Support Multiple Formats

While having a light motion video editor app you don’t need another app because this editor fulfills the requirements .p

Creative Video Animations

Nowadays we see many awesome animation videos which attracts a lot so if you also want to make the best animation videos then a light motion video editor is best for this purpose . This app has a built – in store where you will get hundreds of different video animation effects which you can use in video to make this unique . You can also download your favorite animation from the store so you don’t need to go anywhere because a light motion app has many great options for their users . That’s why people love to use this editor for their video projects .

Color Grading

There are many apps which offer this feature but a light motion video editor provides the complete studio for color grading . You can adjust colors in your video from anywhere because it has so many options for this purpose . With this unique feature you can make video bright and sharp by adding more colors in your video . In this feature you will have multiple options like grains , lights , Gemma , saturation , offset and many other options that you can use to make your video best . Best thing is that you will never face any difficulty while using . it because this video editor is easy to use .

Visual Effects

Alight motion application has the best visual effect that . you can use in video . It has hundreds of different visual effects like blur , lights , colors , drawing , 3D , dark and many others . You can also download your favorite effects from the store according to your video project because there are many other options available for you . You just have to tap on the visual effect that you want then it will automatically show you the preview of that effect in your video . All visual effects in this app give the best quality so you will always get professional results .

Save in Hd

A light motion video editor always gives the best quality to their users . That’s why millions of people are fully satisfied with this application because it provides many free features . In this feature you can save your videos in full high quality after editing with this app . That’s not it because a light motion app gives the option to choose video resolution which means you are free to choose anything in this app . When you save your videos this app tells you about the size of that video in MBS which is surely a great option .

Add Fonts

This video editor has a unique collection of different fonts that you can add in your presentation videos. If you have any unique idea about font style , then create your own and add that style in this application .

Transition Effects

Transition effects are very important especially when you edit more than one video clip . Alight motion app has many awesome transition video effects which you can use in your video . You can also adjust the time duration of any transition you want according to your creativity . The reason is that this app never forces you to do anything , which means you are free to do anything in this app . Developers of a light motion app often send updates to add more new content in this app for their users . So you can also download new transition effects in this app .


That’s why already millions of people are enjoying this awesome application to create the best video projects . Alight motion is a highly recommended video software app which helps you to turn your creativity into reality .

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